Xirui 36kv Surge Arrester Factory Made Silicone Rubber Power Housed Lighting Arrester

Xirui 36kv Surge Arrester Factory Made Silicone Rubber Power Housed Lighting Arrester

Gradient: 235V/mm for D28-D42 and 220V/mm for D46-D115
The best 4/10µs high current performance worldwide metal oxide varistors
Excellent 8/20µs charge transferring performance
Excellent 2ms performance
Very low ratio of lightning residual voltage and DC U1mA
Very low leakage current
Very low power loss at high temperature
Very good AC ageing performance
Both glass coating and organic coating

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Our company is committed to becoming one of the world's leading suppliers of D30 High Performance MOVSd, Metal Oxide Varistors For DC Arresters, porcelain surge arrester. We have obvious competitive advantages in terms of quality, price, delivery, technology and service, and win the trust of customers with stable quality and considerate service. We are working hard all the time to improve the production lines, develop new products, focus on customer′s needs, and try our best to offer the best professional services to meet the customers′ requirements. We strongly believe that quality, innovation and customer service are what separate us from the competitors and places us at the apex of the industry. And we have gained very good comments from our customers. The spiritual culture of our company is people-oriented, taking the improvement of people's quality and conscious enthusiasm as the source of lasting efficiency growth.

D30 High Performance metal oxide varistors

Are you looking for high performance high and medium voltage distribution class d30 high performance movs IEC 60099-4 2014? TIANGONG, as one of the best d30 high performance movs suppliers, is a reliable China manufacturer who has distribution networks and offers the test. Welcome to check the size with our factory.


By improving the management of company, strengthening marketing, bettering the development and management of human resources and strengthening customer's management, we perform the above strategy to make the company in the leading position of Xirui 36kv Surge Arrester Factory Made Silicone Rubber Power Housed Lighting Arrester field. The products on display only list some samples. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need. We have carried out a reasonable layout and now we have accumulated a good industrial development foundation.
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