Waterproof RJ45 Network Wall Mount Gigabit Poe Surge Arrester

Waterproof RJ45 Network Wall Mount Gigabit Poe Surge Arrester

Gradient: 235V/mm for D28-D42 and 220V/mm for D46-D115
The best 4/10µs high current performance worldwide
Excellent 8/20µs charge transferring performance
Excellent 2ms performance
Very low ratio of lightning residual voltage and DC U1mA
Very low leakage current
Very low power loss at high temperature
Very good AC ageing performance
Both glass coating and organic coating

Product Details

Strict quality management, mature and excellent technology and advanced and complete testing means are the reliable guarantee of the quality of our D28H23.5 metal oxide varistors, surge divider, gas-insulated metal enclosed arresters. Since the beginning, our business philosophy is based on exceptional service, high quality and value. We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our customers, our employees and our partners. All these departments are functional with latest tools, modernized machines and equipment. We have strong production capacity and huge sales network as our guarantee, and can provide users with fast and perfect products anytime.

D28H23.5 metal oxide varistors

Are you looking for high performance high and medium voltage distribution class D28H23.5 movs IEC 60099-4 2014? TIANGONG, as one of the best D28H23.5 metal oxide varistors suppliers, is a reliable China manufacturer who has distribution networks and offers the test. Welcome to check the size with our factory.


Since our Waterproof RJ45 Network Wall Mount Gigabit Poe Surge Arrester is known for its performance and value, we guarantee to provide high-performance and high-conversion products to bring customers an excellent return on investment. We welcome all of the clients and friends to contact us for mutual benefits. Our company's ideological education work is closely combined with the construction of corporate culture, and our employees are united and harmonious.
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