Overhead Conventional Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer

Overhead Conventional Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer

Gradient: 235V/mm for D28-D42 and 220V/mm for D46-D115
The best 4/10µs high current performance worldwide
Excellent 8/20µs charge transferring performance
Excellent 2ms performance
Very low ratio of lightning residual voltage and DC U1mA
Very low leakage current
Very low power loss at high temperature
Very good AC ageing performance
Both glass coating and organic coating

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As a professional high gradient, High Voltage Station Arrester size, varistors power frequency voltage size manufacturer, our company attaches great importance to the business policy of 'Customer First'. With supreme quality and short lead time, we are deeply trusted by customers around the world. We actively practice social responsibility and take the sustainable development of business model, environment and people as requirements, hoping to achieve balanced, green and harmonious development. We always put our clients first, focus on their needs, and truly understand their business to help them succeed. We have a forward-looking and professional design team, we use our enthusiasm and perseverance to serve the people who pursue quality.

D28H29 And D28H35 metal oxide varistors

Are you looking for high performance D28H29 and D28H35 mov blocks? TGE as one of the best metal oxide varistors blocks suppliers, is a reliable China manufacturer who has distribution networks and offers the test. Welcome to check the size with our factory.


Our company is a modern enterprise, producing Overhead Conventional Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer in many countries and regions and industrial globalization has been our strategic direction. We get a field survey of our merchandise. In order to promote our initiatives to strengthen the foundation of corporate social responsibility, we actively cooperate with outstanding companies around the world.
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