Outdoor Art Texture Artistic Powder Coating Powder Paint

Outdoor Art Texture Artistic Powder Coating Powder Paint

1.D115H22.5 metal oxide varistors
2.high voltage.
3.High gradient.

Product Details

We are guided by science and technology, driven by the quality of talents and develop new markets with quality and reputation. Relying on advanced production technology, flexible business methods, excellent products, and high-quality services, we provide customers with high-quality zinc oxide varistor, metal oxide varistor 600A, polymer-housed surge arresters. We will regularly collect necessary information to help our employees enhance their comprehensive quality, improve customer loyalty, and organize staff training more perfectly and effectively. We integrate the gene of innovation into our own development blood. In order to meet the various new production needs of our customers, we put our customers' success first. We have a forward-looking team, working tirelessly to provide a full range of solutions for users.


TGE has always been committed to R&D and production of metal oxide varistor, after more than 14 years of investment in infrastructure, equipment and technological innovation, TGE has independent intellectual property rights in formula of high performance of metal oxide varistor, production technology and patents, with an annual output of 2500 tons of metal oxide varistor production capacity. TGE’s three types of products including high performance metal oxide varistors, DC metal oxide varistors and high gradient metal oxide varistors have been widely used in Chinese110-1100 kV AC system and + 800 DC transmission and transforming system, electrified railway, high-speed rail and rail transportation and other fields.

Porcelain housing arrester.

The highest voltage class : 1100 kV

Organic composite arrester.

GIS Arresters

The highest voltage class : 800kV

We hope that consumers from all over the world will know that our Outdoor Art Texture Artistic Powder Coating Powder Paint is high-quality, high-tech, stable and assured product. Our corporate culture of sincerity and cooperation has laid the foundation for us to win the trust and support of our customers. We always help customers make informed choice, and impress customers with the superiority of the product itself.
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