Mxq 4K Android Smart Set Top IPTV TV Box Receiver

Mxq 4K Android Smart Set Top IPTV TV Box Receiver and glass coating metal oxide varistors ;
2.TGE is the biggest manufacturer of metal oxide varistors.
3.TGE has their own R & D team.
4.D99 is for line discharge class4 arrester.
5.High energy absorption capability.
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With our own integrity and strength, our customers agree that our porcelain surge arrester, zinc oxide varistor, D28 High performance AC metal oxide varistors size have stable performance and reliable quality. Comprehensive scientific management and high-quality professional management and technical personnel are the foundation and guarantee for us to become a first-class brand. With our company's vision as our course of action, we strive to stand out in a fiercely competitive environment by fusing great enthusiasm and expertise in devoting ourselves to our business. After years of hard work, we have achieved sustained high quality and rapid growth, a very important factor is to have a passionate team of high-quality talent. We have created a team of talents with modern concepts, long in technology and good in management, and gradually formed a set of optimized and efficient operation mechanism, which is capable of providing customers with complete design solutions.


TGE metal oxide varistors  characteristics of quality management

------Strict process control.

------Technology control of real-time tracking and adjustment.

------High standard requirements for visual appearance.

------Long duration routine test current raise 10%

------Product performance daily sampling inspection.

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Our company has perfect testing ability and high precision to ensure Mxq 4K Android Smart Set Top IPTV TV Box Receiver quality. We continue to optimize the business layout, promote transformation and upgrading, pay close attention to fine management and promote technological innovation. Only when we combine the service price and service value organically can we establish a very good reputation.
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