Manufacturer Supplier 33kv Hv Discharge Rod

Manufacturer Supplier 33kv Hv Discharge Rod

1.D71H22.5 metal oxide varistors

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In the face of future opportunities, we will invigorate our spirits, meet challenges, always put the interests of users first, continue to develop and update products to provide users with superior cost-effective Electronic Components Varistor, best components of metal oxide arrester, metal oxide elements test. We firmly believe in the service idea of 'selling reputation first, then selling products'. Therefore, it will become a habit for us to be serious. We will spare no effort to solve your problems with due diligence. Our company reduces the cost, responds to the market change quickly, moreover we unceasingly through the technical innovation, launches the new product to guide the market.

Are you looking for high performance high and medium voltage distribution class low voltage station metal oxide varistors of arrester IEC 60099-4 2014 TIANGONG? 

As one of the best dead-front arresters suppliers, is a reliable China manufacturer offering the test. Welcome to check the size with our factory.


Porcelain housing arrester.

The highest voltage class : 1100 kV

Organic composite arrester.

GIS Arresters

The highest voltage class : 800kV


Since our company has been engaged in the research and development of Manufacturer Supplier 33kv Hv Discharge Rod for many years, we have accumulated a lot of experience to facilitate users to choose high-quality products. Now our marketing network covers many regions and countries, and is well received by domestic and foreign customers. Relying on the company's unremitting technological innovation and senior R&D team for many years, we gain a certain position in the industry.
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