Lightning Protection Materials Ceramic Porcelain Housing Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester

Lightning Protection Materials Ceramic Porcelain Housing Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester

Are you looking for high performance AC metal oxide varistors? Tiangong Electric(TGE),as one of the best metal oxide varistors mannufacturer, is a reliable Chinese supplier.Advantages of our AC metal oxide varistors as below. For more information,please feel free to contact us.

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We adhere to the business philosophy of 'systematization, scale, standardization, and internationalization' to provide you with strong technical guarantee and comprehensive support for producing high-quality zinc oxide resistance, dead-front arresters test, varistors power frequency voltage. In recent years, we have continued to develop in the fierce market competition. With the support of our customers, our products are sold all over the world and are deeply trusted by customers. Customer satisfaction is our driving force, please feel free to contact us! In the company's development process, we rely on leading technology and continue to develop new products based on market demand.

TGE developed new generation AC metal oxide varistors, the new series can be with both glass coating and organic coating. Its performance reaches leading level worldwide, its advantage as below. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • The best 4/10µs high current performance worldwide.

  • Excellent 8/20µs charge transferring performance.

  • Excellent 2ms performance.

  • Very low ratio of lightning residual voltage and DC U1mA.

  • Very low leakage current.

  • Very low power loss at high temperature.


We are dedicated to technological research and development, total customer satisfaction and providing superior quality, high production, and profitable Lightning Protection Materials Ceramic Porcelain Housing Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester. We are your best friend and business partner forever. The development and growth of an enterprise is inseparable from the construction of a high-level, high-quality and multi-level talent team. We study the talent environment construction of our company from three aspects: talent development and training, competition mechanism and incentive mechanism.
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