High Voltage Discharge Rod for Withstand Test

High Voltage Discharge Rod for Withstand Test

1.D71H22.5 metal oxide varistors

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We always take market opportunities as our guide and considerate service as our carrier to strictly control the quality of our dead-front arresters size, metal oxide varistor description, Medium Voltage Station Arrester. Through our own practices and efforts, we hope to actively promote good business ethics and maintain a normal market order. We have always adhered to the core values of 'technology leads cost, quality creates customers, cost wins competition, and integrity creates perfection'.

Are you looking for high performance high and medium voltage distribution class low voltage station metal oxide varistors of arrester IEC 60099-4 2014 TIANGONG? 

As one of the best dead-front arresters suppliers, is a reliable China manufacturer offering the test. Welcome to check the size with our factory.


Porcelain housing arrester.

The highest voltage class : 1100 kV

Organic composite arrester.

GIS Arresters

The highest voltage class : 800kV


We are a professional enterprise of manufacturing High Voltage Discharge Rod for Withstand Test, with strong technical force, warm and thoughtful service and novel business philosophy. Deep customer cooperation: customer success is our success. Our company combines rich manufacturing experience and excellent sales team.
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