Electric Cartridge Heater Heating Elements

Electric Cartridge Heater Heating Elements

1.organic and glass coating metal oxide varistors;
2.TGE is the biggest manufacturer of metal oxide varistors.
3.TGE has their own R & D team.
4.High energy absorption capability.
If you want to know more metal oxide varistors technology information, please send email to annie@xatge.com

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If you are looking for a best high gradient varistors, Electronic Components Varistor, metal oxide varistors test manufacturer, we are the ideal choice. Please contact us now to get a surprise wholesale price! Based on the service tenet of honesty, professionalism, focus and enthusiasm, we provide our users with high quality products, affordable prices, and thoughtful after-sales! We have made a series of considerable achievements in technical innovation and won the favor of our customers.


The biggest manufacturer of metal oxide varistors blocks will produce which you would like in your metal oxide arrester.

The technical parameters are below, they are typical types, if you need other diameters or height, plesae send me email annie@xatge.com, our metal oxide varistors R & D department will provide a satisfactory answer to you.

TGE’s metal oxide varistors have more smooth V-A curve characteristic and lower residual voltage under the same reference voltage.

Therefore, arresters which used TGE metal oxide varistors have below advantages:

--With the same reference voltage, hold more excellent protective characteristics;

--With the same protection level, arrester have higher reference voltage and continuous operating voltage. Therefore, arrester could withstand lower electric stress and for safe operation.

We will further strictly follow the international quality management system, improve product quality, innovate, perfect ourselves, serve the industry, and provide new and old customers with advanced, high-quality, high-performance Electric Cartridge Heater Heating Elements with sincere services. Our service philosophy is to obey the market needs, and strive for perfect details. Integrity is the foundation of our entrepreneurship, which is reflected in all aspects of the company's operation and development.
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