Dental Absorbent Paper Points (. 02, 04, 06)

Dental Absorbent Paper Points (. 02, 04, 06) and glass coating metal oxide varistors ;
2.TGE is the biggest manufacturer of metal oxide varistors.
3.TGE has their own R & D team.
4.D99 is for line discharge class4 arrester.
5.High energy absorption capability.
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We are confident that with our strength and sincerity, we will provide you with quality metal oxide varistors test, best zinc oxide elements, power surge protection and services in exchange for your sincere smile. We have always adhered to scientific management, using superior materials and exquisite craftsmanship, product performance is stable and reliable. We have built a platform for the overall development of our company and stepped into the fast lane of sustainable development. We aim to meet market demand, continuously improve the automation level of production technology and production equipment, and strengthen market management awareness and service concepts. In the future development process, we will continue to strengthen our scientific research strength and take the road of professional, high-quality and large-scale development.


TGE metal oxide varistors  characteristics of quality management

------Strict process control.

------Technology control of real-time tracking and adjustment.

------High standard requirements for visual appearance.

------Long duration routine test current raise 10%

------Product performance daily sampling inspection.

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We will keep on the manufacturing of Dental Absorbent Paper Points (. 02, 04, 06), hoping to drive the overall progress of the industry with new models and technologies, and become the leader of excellence. We create a unique brand concept and style with reliable quality, unique design, and high-quality service around the world. To this end, we have established a sound pre-sale, sales, after-sales service system, with our warm, thoughtful service, to help customers solve problems and achieve common growth.
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