Artistic Sand Texture Outdoor Polyester Powder Coating

Artistic Sand Texture Outdoor Polyester Powder Coating

1.D115H22.5 metal oxide varistors
2.high voltage.
3.High gradient.

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Innovative, durable and cost-efficient products have secured us a position as a leading global manufacturer of protection of switchgear, Metal oxide varistor buyer's guide, glass coating Metal Oxide Varistors. We have more than 20 years experience in this industry, and our sales are well trained. We recruit a variety of professional and skilled personnel, and conduct comprehensive training and examination of employees.


TGE has always been committed to R&D and production of metal oxide varistor, after more than 14 years of investment in infrastructure, equipment and technological innovation, TGE has independent intellectual property rights in formula of high performance of metal oxide varistor, production technology and patents, with an annual output of 2500 tons of metal oxide varistor production capacity. TGE’s three types of products including high performance metal oxide varistors, DC metal oxide varistors and high gradient metal oxide varistors have been widely used in Chinese110-1100 kV AC system and + 800 DC transmission and transforming system, electrified railway, high-speed rail and rail transportation and other fields.

Porcelain housing arrester.

The highest voltage class : 1100 kV

Organic composite arrester.

GIS Arresters

The highest voltage class : 800kV

Through continuous development and innovation, our Artistic Sand Texture Outdoor Polyester Powder Coating has a competitive advantage in terms of quality, price and after-sales service. Our company is committed to maintain and expand market share, establish a good corporate image, improve brand awareness, maintain and constantly obtain loyal customers. 'Scientific management, team spirit, excellence' is the tenet of our company, 'treat each other with sincerity' is our forever commitment. We accept your valuable suggestions and sincerely look forward to the presence and guidance of every friend!
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