14D182K 1000VAC Surge Protection Zinc Oxide Varistor

14D182K 1000VAC Surge Protection Zinc Oxide Varistor

1.organic and glass coating metal oxide varistors ;
2.TGE is the biggest manufacturer of metal oxide varistors.
3.TGE has their own R & D team.
4.D99 is for line discharge class4 arrester.
5.High energy absorption capability.
If you want to know more MOVs technology information, please send email to annie@xatge.com

Product Details

We promise to cooperate with partners to help them develop superior metal oxide varistors size, porcelain surge arrester size, dead-front arresters and develop excellent business based on our platform. Our company attaches great importance to cooperation with international and domestic world-class organizations. Under the condition of market economy, we can adjust the development strategy according to the local conditions. With the pursuit of excellence as our guide, we cooperate with our customers exclusively through joint research and development, and provide them with a variety of technical solutions and extended products.


TGE metal oxide varistors  characteristics of quality management

------Strict process control.

------Technology control of real-time tracking and adjustment.

------High standard requirements for visual appearance.

------Long duration routine test current raise 10%

------Product performance daily sampling inspection.

If you want to know more MOVs technology information and TGE company, please send email to tge@xatge.com

The company has engineers who have been engaged in the production of 14D182K 1000VAC Surge Protection Zinc Oxide Varistor for many years. We strictly abide by laws, regulations and standards related to environmental protection, continuously improve our environmental management system, and reduce the impact of our production on the environment. Since the establishment, our company has been oriented to customer needs, respecting talents, constantly improving our own strength and level.
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