12 Kv Silicon Rubber Housed Lighting Arrest Surge Lightning Arrester

12 Kv Silicon Rubber Housed Lighting Arrest Surge Lightning Arrester

Gradient: 235V/mm for D28-D42 and 220V/mm for D46-D115
The best 4/10µs high current performance worldwide metal oxide varistors
Excellent 8/20µs charge transferring performance
Excellent 2ms performance
Very low ratio of lightning residual voltage and DC U1mA
Very low leakage current
Very low power loss at high temperature
Very good AC ageing performance
Both glass coating and organic coating

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We are recognized by the industry for our integrity, our strength and the excellent quality of our Nominal Discharge Current 5kA MOVs, metal oxide resistance, D28 High performance ACmetal oxide varistors. Our company continuously improves the product development ability, production organization ability and market competitiveness, especially in favor of developing medium and high-end products with independent intellectual property rights. With professional vocational skills, a serious and responsible working attitude, and the principle of being responsible for customers, we provide our customers with the best quality service and best quality products. Welcome clients from home and abroad to call and inquire! In the process of self-development, our company has been constantly improving and enriching the connotation and content of corporate culture construction, and has become the conscious action and goal of employees.

D30 High Performance metal oxide varistors

Are you looking for high performance high and medium voltage distribution class d30 high performance movs IEC 60099-4 2014? TIANGONG, as one of the best d30 high performance movs suppliers, is a reliable China manufacturer who has distribution networks and offers the test. Welcome to check the size with our factory.


Over the years, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of professionalism, focus, and excellence, and has always concentrated all of its strength in the field of 12 Kv Silicon Rubber Housed Lighting Arrest Surge Lightning Arrester. Our company has advanced equipment with high degree of automation, which can provide considerate services to customers with different needs. Whether the enterprise will expand and continue to manage, the key factors are how to use the organization, the management, and the talented person to link customer's demand.
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