Metal Oxide Varistors For DC Arresters

DC Arresters Which Use 71mm 78mm 99mm MOV Blocks

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MOV blocks for DC arresters, including diameter 71mm,78mm and 99mm.

diameter (mm)70.5±178±199±1.2
height (mm)35.4±0.335.4±0.321.4±0.3
DC U1mA (kV)7.8±0.57.8±0.54.7±0.35
IL at 75% of U1mA
≤ 20≤ 20≤ 20
Ures (kV)12.65±0.812.45±0.87.85±0.5
typical Ures / U1mA1.591.581.54
repetitive charge transfer Qrs (C)3.246
guaranted 2ms test current (A)150020002500
max 2ms test current (A)160021003000
4/10µs high current test (kA)100100100
nominal discharge current In (kA)202020
accelerated ageing test115℃ 0.85U1mA/√2 Kct ≤ 1.0

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